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Default Help?

Hi all. It's been a long while since I've posted in a while... I've been doing a lot of soul weight loss searching..

This past February after I came withink .4 oz of my weight goal with WW, (105 weight loss)I decided to step back, because the next week for some odd reason, I gained quite a few pounds back and I was crushed...

I had decided to back away from WW, because I was becoming to obsessed with points, weighing in and just with WW period, and the new leaders were not speaking to my soul... Yes, I gained some pounds back, as I expected, and I have not weighed myself since February of 2002, almost three years from the time I started WW..

No, I do not plan to go back to WW, but I still somewhat follow the plans..

I need help with exercise... I don't have a buddy, and I don't get on the internet much to even keep a buddy... I 've done a lot. I was doing everything you could think of to drop my 105 pouns, walking, walking of the lbs, Gilad, weights just to keep some kind of hold off.. But, lately for the past several months, I have been hitting these exercise depression modes. I will be fine for a while, then, get down on myself and just can't get motivated...

I get easily bored with somethings... I push myself, then, I push myself back.

Please let me know more about the 8 minute routine? I can't seem to push myself to do those long workouts. I'll do them once in a while.. .Well, ok.. I'll stop rambling...

Can you tell me some little things about the works outs... What are, before I set out to buy...


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