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working off those pounds
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Morning all!

Carb question: when we count carbs, should we be counting actual carbs, or net carbs??

Activeadventurer: I decided to not check for a week because I am still newly diagnosed. In fact, my doctor didnt even tell me to get a moniter..i am doing that on my own. my numbers are still high, but the fact of the matter is, they're lower than they were two and a half weeks ago when i was diagnosed. i will probably crack, as i did yesterday afternoon! When i was diagnosed, my numbers were in the 400's. I bet your hubbie was SUPER stressed out. When i go the doctor (ESP that day, cause i knew they were going to call me diabetic...) i sometimes come close to panicking. i have NO control over there, but my heart races, my bp soars, and i am guessing my blood glucose goes up too. I think it had been hovering in the 300's because i calmed down, came home and tested and i was in the 300's. I have been steadly heading into the 100's.

On another note, each morning I wake up closer and closer to twoterville! the other day i was in twoterville, but i knew that was a fluke becauseit would have meant losing like four pounds in a single day. sure enough, the next day the numbers went back up a bit..

And I just gave in and teste!! still very high -160...but we're getting there...

I can't believe it's spring!!! It's FREEZING here. Yesterday our furnace crapped the bed, and we were on the phone all day trying to get someone to come check it out, no i've been locked in my room with the door shut, the space heater blasting.
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