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Just bringing Sweetpea's post over from page 3 of the last thread

Sweetpea said,

Thanks for the welcome Shells. To answer your I am not married, no kids, no pets, no sex life. I am 45 and am determined to lose this 122 lbs before I turn 47!!! I am ready to have a life w/o worrying about what people think of me and my fat...trying to shop for big clothes and then worrying about how they really look on me...or worse yet, dying and people walking by my coffin and saying "oh the poor thing, if only she'd taken better care of herself."

I started walking last week. Didn't get far but will work up...slow and steady for now. I have an exercise bike but the seat sets too high and makes for a very uncomfortable ride. I have to find someone to drill another hole so I can lower it.

Well, back to my laundry and dishes. :::sigh
I'm not fat, just fluffy!!!

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