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Unhappy Hubby Lost Job

Okay here it is my misery. I have been doing okay on my diet, lost 22 lbs. so far. My hubby lost his job on Friday it's the second time in about a year. It's not the only set back we have had. Shoot were over 30, we work hard, we are good people. I don't feel like the winer type but the last time something bad happend I gained 30 lbs. I am horrified. I have been eating non-stop all weekend, and feel scared. Scared to get on the scale, scared that they won't give him his check, his vacation, he'll get denied unemployment..............SO MANY UNKNOWNS. I got to keep my diet up excersising and dieting makes me feel better. I look better and it shows. I am up for promotion again at work and I am visiting my parents in 2 months I want another 15-20 lbs. gone. Okay there is my venting...............Any suggestions???????
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