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Happy Week-end everyone!
Not much going on here today other than some nice weather. Hope some of our large snow drifts melt some. I can't wait to start hanging out laundry on the clothes lines. I packed up all MIL summer clothes yesterday and brought them to our house until summer begins. She is going from 3 large closets to one closet in her new place and only has room for one season of clothes. Her new place will cost over $4,000 a month but it'll be her room only. No other person sharing the room, it's a very large room with a view over looking the flower garden court. She can have her love seat, end table and coffee table in there as well as her bedroom set. I wouldn't mind living there myself! I need to get cleaned up and get some baking done for DH. He loves jelly rolls and I have homemade grape jelly to use up from last years grape crop. You all have a great week-end.
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