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Good morning, chickies! We're a talkative bunch this morning, aren't we? I'm glad I'm working on cup #2 of coffee, otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep up with all the chatter!

Jenny (#1) : I hope you have a nice day at the counter today! Red Nose Day sounds fantastic! (As do your cupcakes!) You'll have to tell us about all the antics this weekend!

Jenny (#2): I hope you got some sleep last night. Good luck to DS on his project. School projects about foreign countries were always some of my favorites!

Cottage: I like jenny515's idea of a jewelry-making craft! I've also seen paint pens at craft stores that you use to decorate dishware and then bake it and the decorations are permanent and usable to eat on, microwave and throw in the dishwasher. That would be quick and fun and they could bake while the girls were eating cake! I hope you get it figured out and get all of your errands run!

Ruth: I'm going to clean out our freezer this weekend to start getting ready for new steer season. Want me to send your doggage some of my meat? (It's probably just from 2008.) I hope you have a wonderful day and that your knee isn't giving you any troubles.

Twynn: Yay on closing on the house! I'm sure you'll get things in ship-shape and be regularly posting in no time. Spring break already? It seems so early! Have a great day!

Diva: I've had nights like those and they stink. Get some rest today, if you can.

Skinnybride: Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a great one!

jenny515: I don't envy your boob-squishing appointment, but I hope everything goes well. Be careful out in that awful weather!

MomPOM: Good morning. It sounds like we may need to start a "sleep-troubles" support group around here. What are you painting? Being that involved in art sounds wonderful!

Schmoodle: You're the multitasking queen! Did DD make it to her destination okay? I hope she wasn't late for something important. Enjoy your morning!

Me: Well, the in-laws are probably on the road right now and DH is going to be gone most of the night preparing for a hearing he has to testify at in the morning. (Poaching on state lands case.) I'll have a nice, quiet evening at home. The house is surprisingly decent and I'll just need to wipe down some counters, sweep and mop and clean up the bathroom. I'll need to get the guest sheets washed, but I won't worry about trying to get the beds remade until tomorrow night.

Ranger, the little dachshund, has a vet appointment at 11:30 this morning. He caught one of his little toenails on something and it fell of last night. He seems to be much better since it fell off, but I want to take him in to be sure it's not infected or anything. DH isn't going to be able to come with me because of the case, but I wish he could. I HATE holding the dogs at the vet. Seeing him being poked and prodded may make him whine, which will make me want to cry. Sometimes I hate being so attached to the little bugger.

Things are going well here. I'm not sure where my weight is, but I'm definitely feeling stronger and more toned. I'm starting to see muscle definition in my arms and legs and that's SO exciting!!!
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