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HA HA! Do you see how the Jenny's are takin over?! First the beach, then the world muwahahahahaha...

Jennygirl! What kind of Scotland project is it? If I can be of any assistance, do let me know!!!

Cottage: What if you gave the girls an iced cupcake each and bought them wee sprinkles and misc other decos and let them go to town?

Ruth: I agree about the stew!!! It is always better 24 hours later. Chilli too!

Twynn: Hope your day isn't too crazy. Good luck with your house closing!

Diva: Dunno 'bout you...I've been there with the alarm thing! Do you think it could be classed as positive visualisation if you picture the phone flying out of the window?

Skinny: I'm encoring cottages birthday falicitations!!!

Jenny: Good luck with your scan!

MomPOM: You could always start yourself a trend and get red nose day going near you!! Have fun at your ceramics.

As for moi: still quite busy at ye auld counter. Everybody is excited for red nose day. I think I'm going to make red popcorn balls as well. We bought pins for Friday as red clown noses at the counter might freak out the pensioners!!! See you chix later!
xo Jenny

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