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I know this is old but I just finished reading the book and I thought it was interesting. Not depressing at all. It definitely enlightened me on why so many people in my family (both sides, especially women) are fat. All the stories reminded me so much of my family and it made me empathize with them more. I've always been the "thin" one in my family. I'm close to 175 now and my high weight was 200 lbs. I'm ashamed to admit that sometimes I use to think "why don't they try harder!" when it was always kinda easy for me to lose some weight if I exercise rigorously and watch what I eat. It's really not that easy to just lose weight though. I'm sure we all know that.

It made me reflect on all of the fat shaming we do in this society. I'm not just talking about fat jokes (which are pretty obvious) but even things like staring at a fat person when they eat cheese burger and all of the constant barrage of info that makes us feel more like crap. How many studies can we see about obesity? We get it.

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