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I realize that this is an old thread but since I love the "Does it Work" part of the forum but sometimes can't find any thread that makes me really want to comment, I'll comment here.

This is a good thread and I support the majority of the posts here, especially the original one.

I am not new to 3FC (been here with a pause for years under another user name, as the administrators know). Years and years ago, I noticed that 3FC seems to take a position of "there is no magic pill" in regard to diet supplements and I just find that so great, although they allow discussion of the topic.

Many years ago I did try products with ephedra, which actually did for me boost weight loss. Long before they took this substance off the market, I had realized how dangerous and life-threatening this practice was for me because of physical conditions I did not know I had.

I think that's the main premise I saw in one of the posts, people are buying into this magic pill theory, taking this diet supplement and that diet supplement off the internet or the drugstore shelves and they have NO idea what is really in them or what it can do to their bodies.

An exception might be simple fiber tablets (I don't know, as just eating more fiber seems to be better than swallowing pills, to me) and another option is weight loss surgery where there is counseling available long term and even this option is meant to be in conjunction with major lifestyle changes and if there are no lifestyle changes, the WLS can reverse itself.

Some of the pills are prescribed by physicians and I guess that'd be a better way to go, but to me I really wonder if that's a good idea either, because in my opinion, most responsible physicians would understand that the safest and most long lasting weight loss is achieved by lifestyle changes related to diet and exercise and believe me I do realize that doesn't seem to work for everyone either and that there are exceptions to every rule and that the best guide for anyone's personal health care journey is always their personal medical team.

Not meaning to offend anyone. Someone set me a message noting that they used to think in a negative fashion (words to that effect) about posts I had made on here, but truthfully, I'm just interested in the topic of fitness and nutrition and like this part of the forum. However, it bothers me how many threads just seem to be about does the latest pill work and some people politely give their "no magic pill" opinion and other people get slightly mad about that and go away and I really like the sticky stuff here that is a good attempt to explain why there is no magic pill in 3FC's apparent opinion.

The magic pills are eating in the correct manner according to a healthful plan and increasing activity in a healthful manner according to medical advice, over a long period of time, indeed, over a lifetime.

Sorry, just felt like posting to this old, old thread.
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