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Hi girlssssssssssss

Lumifan4ever, Kim, and so nice to have you here with us! ladies! It really isnice to have company here, I think that it helps us and makes it much more fun so let' s rock it

Lewisempire, whre do I get my stamina? oh you! lol you did 5 miles, 5 miles baby! so right on! keep up the great work and ty for the words of encouragement, I sure need it!

Before we go further, I would like to say to all that the important thing is that we do what we set out to do, whether it be 10 minutes or 5 minut4es. okay?

As for me kiddo, I didnt feel so good........I never do near TOM and it seems to of gotten worse so I was happy that I was able to sqeueeze in a workout before I got totally couch bound, having you guys here sure helped!
Don't know what else to say, seriously! I hope I am okay tomorrow, if not...oh well then im not! you stic k together girls and remeber it is anew day tomorrow, lets kick some hiney together
oh yes

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