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Good Morning Girls!
All you in today's snow belt have fun shoveling snow, great exercise!
I weighed my peach this morning, logged it in with my fiber one cereal and yogurt.............what a drag! On another site a gal wrote in about getting rid of belly fat, I can't remember if we ever discussed it here. I'd like your opinion on belly fat. I personally don't think I'll ever get rid of it. I'm at my lowest weight in years, do a least 30 tummy exercises daily (except Sunday) can wear size 6 comfortably and I still have belly fat. When I was dressing for church yesterday I happened to look in the mirror while nude. My tummy sticks out as far as my sagging boobs when standing sideways. I still have to wear a 'tummy flattener' underwear under my panty hose. Do you all have problems with your tummy fat after losing weight? Joan Rivers has some funny jokes about older women's boobs that hang to waistlines, I can't think of them now.
The article below is nothing new to most of us, we all lose weight following different diet plans. The biggest problem with not only me but probably everyone is that we're going to gain it back unless we are constantly on guard. I hate that, but Lynn's article backs it up.
Bruce wants Chicken Pot Pies for supper, I'm going to see if I can find a calorie friendly recipe now that I'm back to counting calories.
Have a great start to March everyone!

New Study Spills the Secret to Weight Loss

A major study published today in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals the real secret to weight loss.

For two years, 811 overweight participants followed one of four reduced-calorie diets-low carb, high carb, low protein or high protein-so researchers could determine the best formula for weight loss. They exercised for 90 minutes a week and tracked their calories online, too. A funny thing happened: All of the participants lost weight! What they ate didn't seem to matter, but healthy habits like portion control and tracking calories helped them drop an average of nine pounds and two inches off their waists.

What does this mean for you? No more food combining, no low-carbing, no giving up your favorite foods, no special "diet" foods or food restrictions--eat whatever you want (within your calorie range) and you can still lose weight. This study supports tracking your food, eat all foods in moderation and develop healthy lifestyle habits, like portion control, that you can live with forever.
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