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I doubt it is covered by your insurance, however it is not too terribly expensive.

You do know they come with some side effects of dry mouth (extremely), and no sleep for the first few days-- don't you. And, some people (like me) that take them get irritable. However, I found if I only take 1/2 (of the 37.5mg pill--I break them in half), the side effects are not that bad. I am sure you will have a very clean house the first couple days But, to me the side effects were worth the boost they gave me in my weight loss. I had taken them before and I gained the weight back.... but that was my fault. These are strictly a tool--- not a miracle drug. Just as you have done, if you don't change your eating habits, the weight won't stay off. I don't know you but for you to have done it on your own for this long, I have no doubt you will make it and keep the weight off. Just use them for what they are intended on (like lap band) it is not a cure, but a tool and you will be fine.

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