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Good morning to you all! Guess we are back to normal. I have everything put away except one last basket of clothes which I will do today. I do have a bunch of stuff laid out around the dining table that can't be dried in the dryer so I have to check and see if the are dry and can be hung up.

I am going to Thomas's school today to meet with one of the pta ladies about volunteering in their clinic. I think I am going to volunteer one day a week to work their clinic for them. You know, take temps, call parents, that sort of thing. The lady was thrilled that I was willing! lol I told her all I have is time so I am glad to do it.

Maggie: Jack had brown rice when we went to PF Changs and liked it so I am going to start using it after I finish up my current box of rice. Thanks for the recipe btw. I have to get out to the commissary and get some more groceries as we are a bit poor on them until next week, which is my normal grocery run.

Jean: Jackson is a very big boy and boy is he heavy. I picked him up once and sheesh like picking up a bag of cement. He isn't overweight just tall and solid. Alicia says she keeps running out of shoes that fit him. He throws tantrums and cries when he wants his way. His dad kind of gets mad at him and mom gives into him. On Sunday, his dad and Jack went to the store and his mom was working so we were alone. He was ok alone with me so I put him in his high chair and let him help me make baked beans. I put the casserole dish on his tray and then helped him to pour stuff in, etc. He kept sticking his fingers in it so I put it back on the counter and gave him a taste, which he promptly spit out!lol Not a baked bean lover I guess. Anyway, when I was finished I took him out of his chair and he got mad at me because he wanted to do some more cooking. He threw himself down on the kitchen floor and cried. I told him, "You are being naughty so I am going into the living room." I then walked out of the room and it wasn't two seconds and here he comes dry eyed with his thumb in his mouth (he is a big thumb sucker.) I told the two of them what happened figuring they might follow my lead, but nada so they are going to have some problems if they don't nip that in the bud. Alicia just does not scold him about anything. He gets mad and cries and she does what he wants her to do. In a couple years that is going to be something she wishes she hadn't done, but it is none of my business, she will learn. It is supposed to be 75 degrees here today! I am going to wear capris and sandals to the school. I just wish it would stay that way. It is back to 50+ temps tomorrow I guess. I will take it while I can get it. People probably thought I was nuts yesterday morning because I went through the car wash and it was sprinkling, but our car was covered in salt and yuck from up north and I wanted to get get it off as quick as I could. The stuff was hard as a rock on the car when I brushed up against it with my hand.

I am going to sit here this morning and make a list of food supplies I need for the next couple weeks for my diet. Jack and I do differently except for dinner. He basically does cereal for breakfast or eng muffin and juice, then some lean cuisine or such meal for lunch, a snack of some kind then whatever I give him for supper. I do more planning on my meals with fruit and such so I have to make a big ole list for groceries. I may go to trader joes today and look around. Jay and Alicia bought they really thin little ginger cookies for Jackson and I wanted to check out the fat and such in them.

Have a great Thursday everyone!
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