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We have one of those with the toenails!!!!!! Except she does close the door in the stall, however I think that has more to do with the door opens IN and there's no ROOM to have it open, than any modesty on her part since she is totally lacking the modesty chip.

Originally Posted by lizziep View Post
it weirded me out a bit too- but mostly it was the other naked things that i witnessed people doing in the locker room at the gym. naked toe nail clipping at the gym?!?! WHY!!!???
and the lady who would walk into the bathroom portion naked, use the toilet without closing the door, not flush or wash her hands, put on her suit and then go straight to the pool. EVERY time. ugh. gross.
also not a fan of the drying off spread eagle *** in the air move that i witnessed a few times. like- i don't need to know if you're wearing a tampon thanks! gag.
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