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Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is a beautiful day in my neighborhood . . . 56 degrees on my way home from school. It definitely feels like a spring day today. "Hopeless" is driving me nuts because she is fishing for information about the wild child that I befriended and managed to get her out of "Hopeless's" study hall and homeroom. I played dumb! I wish I could figure out a way to get out of her study hall too!

Maggie -- CONGRATULATIONS on losing 2#s! That is 8 sticks of butter! I take high blood pressure meds also. Many years ago my doctor told me that I could take any OTC med as long as I followed the directions and if I didn't feel better after a few days to come and see him for a prescription. I don't often take anything except an aspirin once in awhile so this is definitely out of the ordinary for me. I sure do like getting a night's sleep!

Susan -- We have cable TV and pay $114 for high speed internet, cable digital and HD, plus the phone which offers 3 extras like call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, etc., at no extra charge. We pay nothing for long distance calls anywhere in the U. S., any time. Both of our kids have direct TV and can't get their local TV stations without an antenna. Since the TV stations have gone digital their antennas don't work because they don't have a converter box. How much will you have to pay? We get ads in the mail all the time, but I never look at them to check the price. The kids were counting the days at school and couldn't decide if it was better to include the weekends or not. That's kind of why I went with weeks to begin with; plus we have several "no school" days in the mix as well as early dismissal days. I'm sure the time will fly looking back. I've never heard of Eggland eggs, and I just paid $1.39 for a dozen which weren't on sale.

Bob should be home shortly. I think it is his night to cook. We'll stop in and see his mom on our way home. She is invited to a 90th birthday party in Sioux City on Saturday, but now isn't sure she wants to go. That would be ok with me since we will have to take her and there won't be any side trips for shopping anywhere.

Have a nice evening and a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

Jean -- from Iowa!
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