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Lynn...How depressing but true. Thanks for the article, it just puts in writing what I've discovered since I've lost my weight. After reaching my goal in November, I didn't diet in December and gained 6.5 pound. January I took it all back off by dieting and February I haven't watched my food intake. Now my jeans are getting tight again, last time I was on the scale I was up 4 pounds. I'm sure it's more by now............geeeeezzzze Louise! I'm going to think about this article and try to find some motivation to continually be watchful. Drats!

Once we reach goal weight, not only canít we go back to our old ways of eating, we canít even start to eat like normal (never fat) people without gaining weight. Those of us who are the reduced obese are and always will be different and we need to recognize and adapt to that fact.

Therefore, the dietís not ever going to be over Ė weíre going to have to eat thoughtfully for the rest of our lives in order to defeat our bodiesí biochemical mechanisms to regain fat.
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