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Hey everybody. Just lurking and reading up on everybody.
I'm doing ok with the diet, no cheating but perhaps overdoing the fruit carbs but they taste so good!
Got the sealer on the walls today, so hopefully can get the paint and start soon, Tomorrow I'm taking my MIL to the museum and lunch. Both in-laws came for dinner last nite, and she thought Christmas was coming soon. I feel bad for her. Seems like she's losing ground quickly with her alzhiemers.....,it's most tough on my poor FIL though....hopefully getting her out will give him a little time for himself. I'm going to the doctor with them on Sat. Hopefully there are some resources that she can guide them to. I'm hoping that they will consider some home help just to give him a break more than twice a week.
It's pouring rain outside. Melting all the snow than has been here since Dec. 17th---we got 65 inches all at once. Never have seen so much snow. And it hasn't snowed much since.....bizzare.
Got to the gym and did the treadmill and some weight machines....felt good
Finally going to get the stupid washer fixed Wed.......8 days to fix a washer!!!! I hate going to the laundry mat.
I feel spring a commin.........

Dieting is hard. Maintenance is hard. Being fat is hard. Pick your hard.

There is no "try". There is only "do" or "not do".
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