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Bobbi, those burgers look like they'd be good. I find anything made with beans tend to dry out quickly as the beans keep absorbing any moisture they come in contact with. They egg would definitely keep them together better.

I went on the pound cake diet yesterday. I actually ended up eating about a pound of the pound cake I made. I'm doing trial wedding cakes for DS's wedding in July and I think yesterday's trial is going to be "the cake" for the wedding. I cut up 9 large slices and sent them to his fiance's family but as the cake was a large 10.5 inches there was plenty left. When the wedding finally arrives and the wedding cake is being passed out I'm going to have to politely decline saying I've already had a piece (or twenty).

We are in the middle of another snow storm. It started after dinner and should continue into the night. I'm guessing it will be over tomorrow. I haven't had on a radio, or looked on the internet or seen a tv weather report all weekend so that's why I'm guessing. The news and weather will be on in about 10 minutes so I'll have to watch and find out what's happening. DH will be driving home tomorrow if the weather is good. Hid father has improved a little but is still critical.

Must go get mom supper and try and keep away from that alluring cake.

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