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Originally Posted by floridarusty View Post
I have found out that if you count your protein each day you can lose weight, plus it cuts down on carbs also. I lost a lb. last week by just keeping track of my protein and keeping it close to 60 grams but that is low because of my kidney problem. I don't know the amount for someone without any health issues but I'm sure you could find out if you are stalled with weight loss. I was surprised all the foods that have protein in them. I am doing 1200-1500 calories. Of course there are days I go higher especially if we eat out and I have a glass of wine but I try to keep those to 1 day/wk. or less. Losing a pound or 1/2 pd./wk and that is fine for me....I should be able to keep it off.

Cold here in Ohio, maybe some snow tomorrow and Sunday but not much. It was only in the 20's today. We are missing Florida right now. Your right Bobbi I should probably change my name now! lol

Hi Phyllis,

I just got home from the endocrinologist. He suggested something similar. Question - how did you come up with the 60g goal?

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