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Good Morning Girls!
Lynn...maybe the 3.6 lbs. is salt retention? I'm up 2 pounds this month too, I'm a 'all or nothing' kind of girl. I wish I could refrain myself and eat one piece rather than all I want. In answer to your question about ebelskivers, it basically tastes like pancakes. (flour, eggs, baking powder, salt, buttermilk and my SIL adds a dash of nutmeg)
Come March I'll be back to counting calories and I'll see if I can find a challenge to join. Challenges are the only thing that inspires me and I think the calories counting site has them.
Isabella...I should ask you, I think you belong to the calories counting site. Sorry to hear of FIL rush to the hospital, how old is he?
Last night I made orange fruit roll-up with the rind of a whole orange in them, I can't wait to taste them. I also made Raspberry and Grape, they are still drying out in my food dehydrator and taking a really long time to dry. It's been 13 hours and parts are still not done. I brough cherry roll-ups to our Ebelskiver feed yesterday and what a hit they were. I put Stevia in them for a sweetener so I could eat them too.
Karen3.....You did well Karen, congrats on no calories gain.
WI this am and didn't loss anything, but considering how out of whack my eating was all week it's okay. Need to drink gallons of water to detox me. I carry a water bottle and refill it during the day, but always come home with dry chapped lips....
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