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Jillybean!!! Good ta see ya

I have my first DS consult with my surgeon on Feb 18. I'm so excited. I had the VBG with sleeve gastrectomy in April 2004 and have maintained a 80+ lb loss, but am stuck at about 260 lbs. I lost 30 lbs on WW with strict adherence, but gained it back in 1.5 months during some stress eating.

Right now, I've only told my sisters, my 3FC sisters and my dad of my bypass decision. I'm debating whether to tell my Mom, who is very anti-surgery/anti-medical anything - if I do, will it be before the surgery or after? I'm also debating how quiet to keep this at work. It'll be obvious after several weeks.. right? hehe.

For the experienced DSers, I've heard cheese is ok (I love cheese), but how about other milk products? Plain yogurt? Does the fat percent contribute to oily poops?

As a VBGer, I've turned into a grazer. I mostly eat nuts, yogurt cheese, and crackers when I'm not stress eating.

Thanks in advance for any DS advice!

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