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Ammi-Only a small part is actually about the weight loss in the book. I've had it described as female empowering, which seems really bizarre to me, but I suspect that is why it is doing so well in 3rd world areas. It's only being distributed through the publisher and the a Canadian library service. Everyone was worried if it got distributed through regular channels that I'd be a target again. I think that's silly, but since it was for charity, we wanted to maximize returns, and if you put it in typical book stores, you lose 95%. My husband's last book was published by the U of A, and sold to every school in the province. His royalty was $44. Unless you're Stephen King or Joan Rowling, you can't expect to get rich writing books. Still, I never expected to go over 5000 with mine.

I am doing chores today. Lots of laundry and dishes. I make him carry the baskets for me. I have no desire to hurt my back again this soon. We are going on an adventure tomorrow. It's the 18th anniversary of my attack, and I can get a tad hinky, so we basically go to the big mall and walk until I am too tired to be hinky.
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