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Oh yes this has happened to me too- It sucks but in a way it's good.

Food that before I thought was AMAZING is like blah now.

I mean now things that get my mouth watering are things like grilled veggies and salads that are light and crispy.

I'm glad I don't need that stuff anymore- my husband can eat a bag of chips in front of me and I won't ask him for any cuz I just don't care for them like I used to! Unless it's baked chips lol- then I'm like give me one or two! I totally prefer baked chips now the regular ones just taste like grease to me.

I've had a box of those mini funions for weeks and I keep saying "oh I'm gonna eat one" and then don't lol. I think I'll bring them to work and give them away so I can have some pantry space back!
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