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Default What has happened to YOUR old standbys?

So I'm calorie cycling this week. Last night was a 'high day' at 1600 cals so bf and I went to our FAVORITE restaurant (Mad mex, I believe they are in other cities now but the one by our house was the very first! ) I got a wing wrap. It's fried boneless wings with rice and lettuce (they forgot the cheese and ranch dressing but that's fine by me) with all the fixins it's 700 calories. I ate light during the day cuz one, I wasn' feeling great, and two, I REALLY wanted that wrap. (We hadn't been there in about a month)

I was so disappointed. It wasn't nearly as good as i remembered it being. We used to eat at this place 2-3 times a week (it's literally one block from our house, unfortunately for our waistlines! ) It was just a plain old mediocre meal. Why does this happen? I mean on the one hand it's good because it won't make me go back to eating there all the time but on the other, when I want the occasional treat my old standbys aren't so great anymore.

I guess I honestly have really grown to like my own cooking! *gasp*

Oh, another plus is that this meal comes iwth a huge serving of waffle fries and we used to get the picka dipa (3 salsas, usually bean dip, cheese and tomatillo) with nachos and I"d eat it ALL. Last night I just ate the wrap by itself and maybe 4 chips (bf got chips he had more expendable cals than I did) I was so proud!

Oh and I woke up and lost a lb!
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