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Oh the naked with husband with lights on, that's an excellent goal! You can do that!

Originally Posted by willow650 View Post
I remember several yrs ago I was doing pool therapy and decided to shower afterwards. I became completely FREAKED when a woman tried to get in the shower with me. Then I noticed there were 2 shower heads in there but still. I SHOWER ALONE, or with this woman was just amazed that I would not let her in there with me. I was on a military base so I guess she was military and its hard to be modest. I knew the men kind of all showered together but never imagined the women did. I ever undressed in front of others when in high school gym class either, some did though. I had a friend at the YMCA I belonged to, dry her hair, naked from the waste up, it was not the way I ever wanted to picture my friend. I would like to have that kind of confidence, but still dont think I would be naked in the dressing, I would just like to be naked with my husband with the lights on. But that may not ever happen either.
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