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Everyone, It's still cold and white here. I think it snows a little every day. At least they are keeping the roads pretty clear. I know my little dog would like to be walked more, but there is so much salt on the side walks i don't like taking him out.

Gayle, First time I've seen one of those "creatures".

I don't have a cheat day. I will have a cheat day occasionally when my weight is back in line. I have gained about 5 pounds and have to take it back off! Untill then, I stay within my limits. I don't want to diet all week and mess up the weight loss with one huge cheat! Not worth it to me. I do understand that it's what keeps some ging, and that's fine. We are all different, and what ever it takes.

Lynn, I laughed at your cousins marvel over the snow. We don't quite "get" why some people are so thrilled at thing we take for granted. My niece had exchanged students at her house last summer. Her favorite thing was clouds. She would go out and stare at them for hours! She was from China and there is so much smog there that you never see the sky, so clouds and stars were new to her.

Karen3, I have TV, phone and net all together also. It went out for about an hour this morning. Hopefully we will not have a problem like lots of people in Michigan and Ky. are having with electricity.

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