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Good Morning!
Sea...I've got something setting on my counter that keeps calling my name, Guatemalian sweet breads. There was an article about the new mall shop in the paper and I had to go check them out, I shouldn't have. These sweet breads are so delicious and I purchased two for hubby and two for me. I don't have a clue how many calories and I don't count calories on Sundays. But I only ate one yesterday, If I put it in the freezer I'll think about it all day. If I do eat it today, how many calories should I record. The lady that makes them said it doesn't have much butter or sugar in them.
Linda...It's going to be May 1st before we get rid of all our snow, I feel sorry for all the critters/deer who can't find food. We have two squirrel seats attached to a tree and those greedy squirrels eat the center out of each kernel and throw the rest away. I wish the deer would find the thrown kernels but it's probably too close the the house.
Glynn... I'd love to see the pictures too, what do they eat?
Lynn...I hate when I have my cholesterol checked, no coffee. That's worse than cleaning toilets. You have my sympathy!
Farmgal... What weight reduction plan are you on? If we know your eating pattern/life style that would help.
if anyone has any ideas that would help, please share them with me! At this time in my life I have the metabolism of a speed bump. Not good!
Hi Karen3, Karen31, Isabella, Fluffy,Lily, I know I'm missing someone?
Rats.........I shouldn't have talked about that darn sweet bread, I'm eating it. On that note I'll say goodbye.
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