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I'm currently looking for what the best plan is for me.

I was a vegetarian for a little while in high school. (about a year?) because my best friend at the time was, too. I don't recall whether or not I lost any weight from doing so, I just knew that it would be easier since all my time was spent with her.

I know I love Veggie Burgers/Boca Burgers. I also absolutely love fruits and veggies in general. However, like a lot of people have mentioned, my s/o is a meat-eater, and he thinks vegetable are the devil's food! (lol)

A big reason I'm losing the weight is for our future family, and I know I will be the only vegetarian in the house.

I was wondering, too, what everyone's starting weight was when they became vegetarians/vegans, and their current weight, and maybe a timeframe?

I'm not necessarily looking for a quick fix, since this is a lifestyle change, I just was wondering if I could get a rough estimate of how much I could expect to lose in a certain period of see, I will be trying on wedding dresses soon, and will be getting married in July. On average, how much weight did you ladies lose in about 6 months?
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