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It sounds interesting. There's nothing in it to hurt you, unlike most other diet products. I can't find any reviews online, I guess because it's so new. However, they claim to have 25 years of research and have tested it on over 4000 people.

The only thing that raises my eyebrows is that it costs around $35 a month to use, and you lose an average of under 5 pounds per month according to their official website.

You don't have to change your diet or lifestyle, just sprinkle it on your food and you'll stop eating sooner so you cut calories. But you are paying $7 per pound lost. It would be cheaper to just count calories and stop eating when you reach your daily limit. However, that's more easily said than done for a lot of people, so maybe this can be used in conjunction with a healthier diet.

Also, most people don't overeat due to hunger, they overeat due to boredom, stress, or other emotions. Sensa won't help in those instances.

I'd be interested to hear experiences from people that have tried it.
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