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I think what she meant is that toxins get store IN fat not as fat. I'll admit that no, I don't have doctors, EMS, and personal trainers supervising me, but I never meant to have this happened. I didn't go to start working out today thinking, "Hmmm how can I make myself throw up??" What happened was I was working hard and pushing through and it happens that I got to a point where I vomitted. When I say that I'm proud that I made myself vomit should probably be I'm proud that I pushed so hard (and that pushing so hard vomiting was a by-product). When I initially posted it, it was more of an excitement for having been able to push so hard when originally today I just wasn't into the whole work out thing. I think you can all grasp that concept of being happy that you pushed through a work out even if you weren't all that into it at the start. Really I'm just happy to have made it through and pushed really hard and the vomiting was an indicator of just how hard I really did work.

I appreciate all of your concern but this was only this one time that I actually threw up and it was not intentional. I would NEVER advocate this kind of thing to anyone else as I understand that it is dangerous. All I was trying to say was that I was happy with an accomplishment and that I was looking for congrats for doing a good job. I never expected it to turn into this. Like I said, I understand and appreciate all of the concern but I really don't need a lecture on how it can be dangerous if you try to work out like this everyday, especially without supervision.

I'm definitely an advocate for moderate and lasting changes- I've done them myself over the course of the last 5 months. It took me until the last few weeks to start implementing regular exercise which is one of the reasons I probably had the outcome I did because it has been so long since I worked out and I pushed too hard. It's difficult for me not to push hard because I'm a former athlete (a gymnast) and in my sport we pushed ourselves to the brink all the time and I guess I missed that. I was never intending to puke and stir such controversy by posting this. I merely wanted to share my excitement for making it through a work out that I didn't want to do in the beginning and working hard in the process.

And I also want to say that I hope in the future what you guys will post in response to this thread will be a little more positive otherwise I will close the thread. Just an FYI.
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