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I hate to say it but by the end of my second week, I was already tired of the food (it took me months to feel that way on Jenny Craig). It wasn't that it wasn't good or anything but it all tasted the same to me. The actual chicken pieces were delicious, but everything around that did not impress me all that much once I really got into it. I was also super hungry on this plan. I am eager to start Diet To Go at this point. I have heard wonderful things about their special low carb plan. I saw the menu and knew it would be an excellent one for me to try. Prime Rib, Omlette's with big sausage links, short ribs, pork chops! I think I will do better on high protein and less carbs. As for snacks, I am just going to buy a little fruit, some string cheese and a box of chocolate squares to have one at night as a treat if I must. Low fat diets always seem to leave me hungry and fighting to drop those pounds. I have heard some excellent feedback on the whole Atkins approach and how those types of diets can really burn fast for you. I wanted to love Pure Foods so much and in truth it is not a bad plan at all but it's not for me. I don't see myself sticking to that food for long.
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