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Originally Posted by painted lady View Post
i LOVE Hugh Laurie. LOVE him.

ok, and this is weird, but in Gladiator, i thought Joaquin Phoenix's character was hot mostly because he wanted to have sex with his sister. i mean if they were ACTUALLY brother and sister that would be gross, but they are actors. suck it up and have sex. creepy? yes i am.

here's another one: Christopher Meloni from Law and Order: SVU. he's so angry!!

Well, since you admitted it, I'll admit it too, that was totally hot to me! Wonder why VC Andrews is one of my favorite authors....

OMG have you seen Chris on Oz?! No....freaking.....words!

Originally Posted by wannabealewis View Post
Justin Timberlake is my ultimate crush!! I love him. He has been my crush since I was a senior in high school, which has been like 10 years.
I loved Justin when I was in my boy band stage! My best friend and I had a little war going on, she loved Nick Carter from BSB and I loved Justin. It's so obvious who won in the end.

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