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P.S. Almost forgot...Can't believe how delicious the egg dishes are! I had the Egg skillet with sweet potato's and the eggs actually tasted delicious and had a texture I loved. They also did not have any notable or strange egg odor like some egg diet dishes can have. The Balsamic Chicken and Lemon pasta was to die for! I honestly feel like these are take out foods because they taste that good and don't even remotely taste like diet food! I would want to eat like this if I was in perfect shape and could eat what I wanted! The meals are scrumptious and filling! They are small but actually not as tiny as some of the meals I am used to from JC. Also they seem to fill me up more and leave me not as hungry as JC's sugary selections often did. I'm not sure I will ever go back to JC again now that I have discovered this and other alternatives that are fresher and actually make you feel like you are indulging.

I am going to have the Fritatta tomorrow and that looks incredible! I just wish that this was more in the range of Diet To Go as far as pricing because this almost $700.00 a month is going to kill me if I stay on it too long (I am thinking 4 months tops to lose what I need). Then I will have trained myself to eat more normally portioned food and hopefully make better choices. If I had the money I might be inclined to just stay on this thing indefinitely because of the quality of the food!
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