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A preservative is a preservative and you should be surprised. I know I was. I am one of millions of consumers out there who are truly tired of companies that will say whatever they have to in order to sell their goods. I'm not a fan of false advertising. I think if you have a great product, it's unnecessary and the product will sell itself. I honestly don't want stabilizers and preservatives in my food (and certainly not when the biggest selling point that's pushed is that it's free of preservatives). I think what astounds me most is the most blatant form of misrepresentation which is their online labels that completely differ from the ones you get when you receive the food. I think rah rah sis boom bah is great and everything...go team and all that but not with blinders on. I can't ignore the obvious although again I am impressed with the taste and quality of the food. I think I would have been fine if they had simply said we use few preservatives, but when you hype and hype and over hype how you are the one that has none and it's totally pure and free of anything and that's why you are paying more blah blah etc and it has several (or even one major one because you are not supposed to have any) then that can be a bit disappointing. If I join a program that is supposed to have completely gluten free meals and I get them delivered and see that gluten is on the labels even though they swore that my food would not have any traces of gluten, I would be upset. It's all about honesty and complete disclosure. I honestly did not think it would even be a subject of debate because the proof is on the labels.
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