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I don't much like soup so I didn't order any of those, however I can tell you that the food I received does have obvious preservatives. Not only that but the label that they make a big deal about us clicking on to see how pure they are (they did this with me on the phone) is totally different than what you get when you receive the product (although I can't speak for the soups, only most of what I have received). It doesn't mean I am throwing in the towel because of it by any means, but it is what it is and I was not happy to have discovered it (there are pros and cons with all meal delivery programs and this is definitely one of their cons). Here is the label from the Banana Walnut Pancakes Breakfast alone (I won't go into the regular ingredients, but here are the preservatives):

Salt Dextrose
Sodium Phosphates
Citric Acid
Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate
Monocalcium Phosphate

Personally I think after reading that label, there would be no question mark. Point is that they tell you there are NO preservatives which is actually a big selling point. As you can see, there are several preservatives in this one dish alone (and they are not all from the sausage either). I have others that have similar labels with plenty of them in there and these are not the labels they have online! I absolutely love the food. The chicken they use is just incredible, but I call a spade a spade because hey it is what it is. My husband and I were both quite surprised by the labels and the sales pitch spouting just the opposite. I was wondering how they could ship food without any preservatives like they claim ground service and now I have my answer.

On a positive note, the food is blowing me away. I may actually stick with this due to the food (and of course if it helps me to lose weight), although with my thyroid I can't have any of their soy products. The one thing I do miss with Jenny Craig were those screamingly delicious desserts (the cheesecakes tasted like something out of an exclusive restaurant or something). I am not fond of the Pure Foods cookies at all. The chocolate squares are yummy and the nuts are tasty. I keep some 94% fat free Pop Secret on hand in case I get a day where I am ravenous throughout all of this (in case of emergency break glass kind of thing). You can eat a whole bag of that stuff it's only a couple hundred calories (and delicious too)! Just trying to get down all the water right now!

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