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Ok a quick update. The food is wonderful! This does not taste like diet food at all! It's restaurant quality and truly delicious. I had the Banana Walnut Pancakes early for breakfast and just had the BBQ chicken with Zucchini Salad for lunch. The pancakes were a bit bland however the turkey sausage link was delicious (I think next time I will use a teaspoon of Mrs. Butterworth's lite on them instead of the honey). The chicken in the lunch item was incredible! Perfect, delicious chicken that was extremely high quality and not nasty like some of the JC Chicken dinners are (I couldn't handle those and believe me I tried). I decided to have my treat a bit early because I am craving chocolate big time and I have to say that I am in love with that Hershey's Dark Chocolate Pomegranate! OMG that stuff is incredible, but the square is so microscopic that it's basically a bite and then it's gone. I am still put off by that whole "we don't use preservatives" crap because that's what it was, however the food is delicious!!
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