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Hey guys,

Just got my food and everything came ice cold with the ice pack still frozen which gave me a sigh of relief (not sure how that will hold up on the blistering hot days we get in the summer when its' going ground, but for now it looks fine).

The food looks great however I was totally surprised by what I read from the labels. I can't be the only one to have noticed that the labels online next to the food are TOTALLY DIFFERENT and show no preservatives whatsoever and when you get the food, they are loaded with quite a few actually. That irked me a bit to be honest. One of the reasons I chose Pure Foods (because it is costing me a lot of money at nearly $700.00 a month) was to get fresh food with no preservatives. Has anyone actually read these labels when they get the food? I had my husband look them over to see if I was not reading these right or or something because I found quite a few preservatives and he assured me I hadn't lost my mind. He also saw quite a few. I don't get it? How can they blatantly lie like this? I was really surprised. Since this is a place where we are supposed to feel free to come to and share and vent about these programs honestly, I have to say that this was a bit of a let down. Not looking for perfection here, but honesty is important. In fact one of the sales people had me click on a label while we were talking (asked if I was near a computer and I said yes and that I had their site pulled up in fact) and they were very proud as I looked at the ingredients and told me that they use no preservatives and that anytime I wanted to see what was in their food, I could do this. Ummm Houston we have a problem. Those labels are not what you see when you get the food.

I have to say that if this food is not as pure and fresh as I thought it was and it is almost $200.00 more a month as compared to Diet To Go, this definitely shoves me more in the direction of Diet To Go. I may give this another week or two and try to decide as I go along but personally if I am going to get some preservatives, I would rather have my food arrive fresh but flash frozen so I know it's a bit more stable and pay a lot less money (also Diet To Go has some rather amazing looking food and has a fabulous looking low carb Atkins menu that is one of the best I've ever seen).

We'll see how tomorrow goes when I actually try the food for the first time. This is not necessarily a deal breaker because quality means a lot to me as well, but I am a straight shooter and when you aren't honest with me, it tends to make me lose a little faith and respect in that person or that company. These labels were disappointing, but the food does look good and I am excited to begin despite what I found.
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