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Good Morning

Thankyou onebyone, Anne, and Bill for your imput on the scale issue. I sort of did what you suggested onebyone(you got me thinking about it), then read Anne's post later last night(more thinking), and Bill's post this morning cemented it. So........I got on. Im not thrilled but it moved down! My first 21 day challenge netted me a 16lb loss. Ok, so after reading Anne's post I realized that yes the scale is a tool. I also "know" that certain things help speed the process along....and that when I dont do these things, it reflexs in the scale. Water is a biggie!!! The more I drink, the more I loose.....add planned exercise and the weight will come off consistently for me.

What did I learn? Drink my water!!!!!

Bill~ Yah for a relaxing new years day dd commented when we were driving home yesterday that she was happy I didnt really drive like I did in her game!!

onebyone~ Kudos for working out your plan! Im glad you got your mom on the phone too

Anne~ Im loving watching you work thru the new book!! Thank you for sharing here!

Speaking of the new Beck book, I picked it up yesterday. Dd and I went out shopping again yesterday and this was on my list to pick up while we were out.

Food was right on yesterday, exercise was walking the malls (again) but not nearly enough water. A small kudos tho, I bought a bottle of water in the mall yesterday.

Today starts my 2nd 21day challenge. Planned exercise....15minutes worth at a minimum everyday!

I need to get some grocery shopping done today too.

Have a great day everyone!

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