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Thumbs up courage to change day 4 week 1 of 8 And New Year's Day

Good Evening Coaches

Man. I have had a rollercoaster of an emotional day today. I have been working with affirmations again and one of things I do is give myself a thought/a wish/ a direction as I am going to sleep and in the morning I usually get an intuitive thought... that still small voice you know? So basically i've just been asking for direction, to do the next right thing, to get a clue as to what that would be and this morning the thought was "call your family and say Happy New Year."
What? That?! Ugh. Do I have to? So I called my mother who got my present who loved it and told me news of my sister who just bought a house in Key West and so the family didn't spend Christmas together and they didn't give gifts. The sister who usually does all that was in Key West. Anyway, after that I called my other sister and got a machine & left a message. called my brother, got a machine, & left a message. Knew the other sister was in key West and don't have her cell and figured she'd be away a long time but I called my mother back to get her cell# and she didn't have it so I left a message with my mom to tell her happy new year for me and to tell her how truly thrilled I am for her that she got a house in key west. really. I wish it was me and I got a house, but honestly. That's fantastic news. So very happy for her. So, I keep trying to connect... I am doing my bit, I could do a bit more but hopefully someone will respond. My mother assured me no one was mad at me. Okay. On to other things.

I cleaned the top of the stove off. It's shiny and white now. That was my big accomplishment. I haven't been up to snuff today. (Girl trouble.) So I hope to be better tomorrow. I am due to go out with my friend for a car ride (so thrilled to get out!) and some shopping and looking around. Awesome.
She's promised me a ride to a store to get fresh green things. Veggies here I come....

So my food was about 70% today on plan. kudos for this. I underate.
I am giving my foodplan lots of thought. i read the story of a person here who lost 130+lbs and did it by incorporating 14 superfoods into her diet. She just made a decision to eat only good food and treat herself well. I am really thinking of this as being my approach. How can you go wrong with this? The carb cycling I have started doing works, but it is very highly structured and in the end I am not sure is doable over the longterm, like a life. But changing the substance of what I eat and the amounts of food, the quality of food, this is sustainable. Anyway, just thinking about these things since it is New Years Day and a good day to plan and look ahead.

angelmomma210 I hope 2009 treats you well! Kudos on only a 3lb gain. That's fantastic!

QuilterInVA Congrats on your weightloss over the holiday season. Sorry to hear about your thumb happy to see you back!

kuhljeanie Happy new year and I hope you feel better ASAP.

freer Yes this is our year! I think you did amazing to be even given the holidays... and now going back to jazzercise today? i'd say you're ahead! Kudos.

RobinW Hi! I think you need to get on that scale. The scale is holding too much power over you. You need to re-read Beck and dealing with disappointment and you need to take the power away from the numbers. Maybe write down all the positives before you step on it and then think of it as another kind of marker. that's what I do--neither good nor bad it's like the marks on a ruler. It's just a way we humans measure things; the measurement of gravity upon our skin bones and muscles; our bodies. On the moon we'd weigh different, Venus different again and Mars different. And the scale is indifferent to our angst. it's just a number. We give it meaning or power. Just get the mark and leave it at that for the next time. JMHO. You know if you can cope. It will be there in 21 more days if you do need to take a longer break from the scale. Before bed ask for an intuitive thought about the scale and act on it in the morning. you'll know.

lilyyoung Hi and happy new year! Glad you joined us... looking forward to your posts.

thinkerbell Good going on your results... big kudos for maintaining. That's awesome!

shrinkin' happy new year coachbuddy!

BillBlueEyes Congrats on successfully navigating the holiday food feasts. We are back to normaleveryday challenges now! woohoo!
I am still planning on the Arabic foodstore but will get some known staples tomorrow via my friend's car. Looking forward to it. I am starting to believe that we will be moving and so I am feeling even more motivation to get rid of things that I really do not and will not be moving. I feel a willingness to do this inspite of beng a hoarder for decades. 2009 will indeed be a great year.
All the best to you and your family and to those other readers reading this...
may we get all the goodies we so deserve in 2009.
Going to 150 5lbs at a time
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