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Good Morning and Happy New Year!

onebyone~ Im jealous, I didnt get to see Bolt Dd went with her dad....but I think we are off to see Marley and Me today I think the best movie Ive seen with a theatre full of kids was the 2nd Harry Potter. Because the kids were already into it, their reactions were so cool to experience. Hmmm...I read your post and wanted to comment on a few other things, but I cant remember now

lilyyoung~ Im glad you found'll find lots of support and help here. Welcome!

Bill~ you are too funny!! Dont threaten you with hard jail time....threaten you with MALL time!!!!

Kudos for making it thru your parties!! Another big kudos for recognizing that the white bread dipped in cheese really wasnt that good! ......and for getting rid of the fudge and kit kat bars!! Its always so nice to see that stuff being eaten by someone else!

Anne~ Sounds like you had a very nice day yesterday! Kudos for keeping to your plan and being happy with the way things are working with it!

The mall was fun....but dd knows not to push it too far Dont get mom burned out on malls or I wont go at all.

shrinkin ~ landlady6

I sat down yesterday with my dd so she could show me how to use her nintendo ds. She gave me a racing game........then got so frustrated with her mom trying to make it work she took it from me and did it herself! My stomach hurt from laughing so hard at my attempts to stay out of the water, and constantly hitting the wall The coolest part was; she had me put my own voice effects into the game. It was hilarious! But I dont know if she'll let me play with it again was 100% right on, exercise wasnt too shabby but lacking on water again today.

Today is the last day of my first 21 day challenge! I am going to call it a successs. Christmas was the mid challenge, challenge! I ate mindfully, but didnt realize the sugar that was in my food was so high. I overcame that and made it thru the rest of the challenge.

Tomorrow I'll get on the scale. I dont want to. Ive stuck to my plan and Ive been very happy with the way Ive been feeling. I just dont want to get on the scale and be dissappointed in what I see. If the scale hasnt moved, that will not be good for my inner skinny person trying to get out.

On the plus side, nsv has been wearing my jeans again without having to lay down on the bed to do them up. Also my winter jacket is snug around my belly anymore. I actually have room to put stuff in my pockets now without that stuff also pulling the jacket tight around my belly.

..........maybe I should stay off it and be happy with my nsv? Wait until the end of my next 21 day challenge?

Let's hear what you all think....I think Im making some thinking errors here and need to identify them.

Have a great day everyone!
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