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Default G2009 - Loving the Skin I'm In Challenge

Ok ladies - for all of you that have already signed up for the G2009 challenges If you haven't signed up yet, but want to - please go to: and sign up with your current/start weight and a 2009 Goal Weight.. this is for the WHOLE YEAR!! Oh - and



Ok here's the deal with this challenge... HIDE YOUR SCALE!!! That's right - for the next 6 weeks (1/1/09 - 2/14/09) We are NOT going to weigh in! One of the biggest downfalls of losing weight is thinking that if you just exercise more, eat a little less etc. then you'll lose weight... while these ARE elements of it - for all of us there are deeper reasons in which we are at this point.

This challenge is to LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF FIRST AND FOREMOST... You know what... it's scary... it's HARD it seems pointless in losing weight, but you know what - it is KEY! If you can't love you now, then you're NOT going to love yourself #10, #25, or even #100 lighter! If you think I'm wrong - then really look at the reasons that you're losing weight... is it for you? or is it for someone else... or the "hidden reason" of I want to look better for myself so that (insert name, object, job, task) will be easier to obtain. THAT'S NOT DOING THIS FOR YOU - THAT'S DOING IT BECAUSE YOU THINK THAT BEING A "NORMAL" WEIGHT MAKES LIFE EASIER. Well girls... Truth is - Being Fat is hard... Losing Weight is Hard... Maintaining is Hard... CHOOSE YOUR HARD! (stolen from someone's signature...)

Now this challenge isn't a "Gimme" challenge in which you can eat anything that you want and sit on your butt just because you're not reprting a number at the end of each week. YOU WILL BE REPORTING A NUMBER AT THE END OF THE CHALLENGE!

Also - to keep us motivated and moving towards POSITIVE LIFE CHANGING HABITS - My Partner-in-crime - Mel will have mini-challenges througout this one! I'm looking forward to EVERYONE'S Participation on this! It's time to TRUELY MAKE A DIFFERENCE and to STOP SABOTAGING OURSELVES WITH BAD CHOICES!!!!

***My personal disclaimer... Pregnancy Hormones have made me very tough and not so soft and fuzzy... so if I seem a little too Jillian Micheals on you - Please call me out on it!***

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