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Originally Posted by SpookyXXL View Post
I saw my my WLS surgeon (12-05-08) and talked to him, he says that unless I can lose 75 pounds by myself he will want to do the duodenal switch which he swears would be more effective at my size and which my insurance is more likely to pay for.
I don't know about insurance being more likely to pay for the DS over a different surgery type--if they cover the DS, they cover the DS. I do agree that the DS is likely to be more effective than other procedures at a higher BMI (there are studies to support this). If you have any questions at all about the DS, please PM me. I am somewhat overzealous with research, so I can point in the right direction for just about any info about the DS

Oh, and to the people who say you could die doing this, you could die during ANY surgery. You could also die in a car accident on any given day. You could also die getting struck by lightning during a storm. You get the idea. You have to do what is best for you, and if WLS is what fits for you, then just weight the risks against the benefits. For me, the potential benefits far outweight the potential risks. I would rather have a shot at a longer, healthier life than just continue the way things are and die of obesity-related issues at a young age.
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