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So, my family friend and I have been planning this event for like a few weeks and we did most of the final details in the week before, maybe before that. So, we had to go through my guy's parents, notably his father, who is a handful. Case in point, we told him to go pick up a medium sized turkey and said that 13-15 pounds, somewhere in there, would be good. We are serving this turkey to 11 people, but we have other dishes. He came home with a turkey less than 12 pounds.

My family friend and I had plans to make a buche de noel cake, aka yule log, and that is actually kind of a complicated cake in terms of time and baking experience. I mean we've never done anything as a "team" before. So, I ask about equipment as we are traveling to parents house to do all cooking. I ask to talk to my guy's mum, who has the first stages of Alzheimers, but is very quick to know what is going on in her kitchen. He refuses to listen to her and if he did then I wouldn't have shown up to discover that I SHOULD have brought my hand mixer, that I was told not to bring.

He told me he had a standing mixer (no he doesn't, he has a food processor)
He told me he has a hand mixer and when I asked if it had various attachments he told me yes...I said *does it have a whisk?* oh yes yes...

I get there, the thing isn't even cleaned, it isn't even put out...he has to "find" it and then it turns out he has NO idea if it has attachments and turns out it had ONE, which was European beaters that shot out while you tried to actually use the thing. Oh and it has ONE speed, high, so everything was over beaten basically.

I'm just More cooking to be done this morning. Getting started on that now.

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