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Red face Jumping to Conclusions...OUCH!

During the sermon in church today our Pastor shared a story with us that happened to him yesterday. First I want to say that our church hands out baskets at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas for those in need. The baskets are full of food, toiletries and other goodies plus a turkey or ham. This year was the largest ever for our church at Christmas, 110 yesterday. Some baskets are picked up and others are delivered by us.

Yesterday our Pastor was walking to his car in the parking lot when he noticed a lady carrying a turkey in one arm and a large basket of food in another. Noticing she was having trouble opening the door of a very expensive luxury automobile he went over for assistance. A very expensive car.

went like this...........

Pastor "May I assist you, looks like you could use a hand"

"Thank-you I can, are you the Pastor here?"


"Pastor, everyone is so nice here, I feel so embarrassed coming for this basket. I really want to tell somebody WHY...but all your people want to do is give the gifts. I wanted to say that my husband and I both had very good jobs, jobs we thought we would never lose, we both got laid off in the same week. We bought a home at the peak of the market because we thought we would never get another is being foreclosed on now. I hated driving up in this car because of what people might think! But it is a lease car, in the line of work we were in our clients expect to ride in nice cars. We have tried to give it back but they won't take it! I don't know what we are going to do. Thank-you so much for giving us a nice Christmas dinner and more....thank-you."

Our Pastor jumped to a conclusion about the car....same as me when he started sharing the story.

I imagine a lot of folks are in a similar boat right now.

Prayers for all of our boats not to sink.

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