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Height: 5'3.5" Age: 22


Name: Kim
Age: 18
Location: Vancouver, Washington
Weight & Height: 5'3" & 205 shameful lbs.
Work: Blockbuster Employee. xD Though I prefer the title of Entrepreneur over that, as I do have an online shop where I sell various merchandise. I also do custom graphics/graphic design. Needless to say, those two "side-jobs" earn me way more money than my official one.
Music: Way too many 'favorites' to legally list here. Attempting a brief overview would just give your thread stretchmarks. Let's just sum it up to me being indecisive & having rather varied tastes.. I like everything from Nirvana to Ani DeFranco.. Seether, Creed, NIN, Brand New, Insane Clown Posse, Kadavers on Kitestrings , Twiztid, Relient K, King Gordy, Hot Hot Heat, Sex Pistols, ACDC, Melissa Etheridge, Pink (HUGE fan)-- Okay, I need to stop. God knows that could only continue on for far far too long, but please enjoy the brief taste of my music prefs. Likes I said, my palate craves many different flavors.
Books: Oh dear.. Books. Shall we talk about them? Okay. I was an avid reader-- the was being strongly emphasized. I haven't read a book of my own free will (college classes, especially fiction related ones, require some 'light' reading) in a good few months; it might be bordering on half a year or more now. I'd say I stopped reading so much about the same time my GF (Sam) & I's relationship went from friend to -- yeah. I think I mostly read out of loneliness. I could find solace in books that the real world just didn't offer.. I wasn't some loner when I was reading a story, I could pretend I was one of the leading characters off on a dangerous adventure, or wrapped up in a complicated, angst-filled romance. I guess.. since I've been developing a life of my own I haven't so heavily relied on the lives of others-- especially fictional ones. I still do love books though, & I aim to become an accomplished author. Who knows, maybe one day a similarly sad & lost little girl will pick up one of my books; if that days comes I only hope I can offer her (or him) the same comfort that I found in the words of so many others.
TV: Ooh. TV rots your brain.. >_> *Watches some* I love TV way more than is necessary. It's just a device, like games, to entertain us & simultaneously distract us from what's happening (TV & games are actually considered a form of mind control, lol). I love TV, I just hate being told what I should or should not believe from the TV; I've watched more than a few shows that paint certain groups of people in perhaps fairer colors than honestly true (isn't that called *gasp* propaganda?). I also don't appreciate that those who hold the information can control how much of it you know. For that & several other reasons I stay away from News channels. First of all, I just don't like anchor-people; I saw this woman once telling the story of how half a dozen people or so had been killed, & she did it with a smile on her face.. Yeah, nothing's wrong there. *Sigh* Ghost Hunters is one of my all-time favorite shows! I do admit to loving TV series though, also. Supernatural is a fav, followed by TrueBlood, Firefly, Psych, CSI, Dresden Files (books are better)-- Okay, I'm stopping myself again!
Interests/Hobbies: Drawing, Writing, Painting, Graphic Design, Photography, Baking, Philosophy, Cultural views, Religious beliefs, Learning, Wondering, etc..
Goals: Losing weight, becoming a healthier me, & learning to control my anger (I need to start properly articulating what I'm feeling, without the use of yelling again).
Religion: I don't persecute people because of their beliefs, & think that whatever you believe, just believe in something (even if it's the absence of a God). I personally lean toward Druidic beliefs, but don't consider that a "religion". I have a set of principles that I follow, but I don't expect others to do the same under penalty of persecution. Also, I don't wage wars for my Gods. Gaia is my Earth mama; Love for the world, in my honest opinion, is the 2nd greatest love (besides a love of yourself).
: Liberal. I don't like politics, but it's good to be informed.
Relationship Status: I have a GF (Lycan). We've been together 7 wonderful months, & still going strong. She makes me the happiest I've ever been, & I honestly couldn't imagine a life without her.

So, I guess that's it from me.
I'm excited to start cruising your "support group", as you all seem like an interesting lot. Hope to see you 'round the forums!

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