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Good morning ladies! For those of you freezing to death, it is 4:45 AM and it is 63 here right now! It is supposed to go down during the day to the 40's today, but it is supposed to be in the 70's on Thursday!

Maggie: Sounds like the party came out just right and was a lot of fun. I don't know if you have ever seen the BBCA channel, but there is a show about auctioning off your things on it. I have seen several what they call puzzle balls. They are chinese and are one piece of ivory that has been carved from the inside out. It is a ball, in a ball in a ball, etc. It is always intricately carved and beautiful. It is amazing to see one. I would love to see one in person.

Susan: for you staying OP. Today Jack and I start going and I am looking forward to thinness some time down the road. We are having a roast pork tenderloin with roasted potatos and green beans for supper. I have my menu for the day pretty much set up, but I usually do the evening meal the day before so Jack knows how many dinner pts to subtract from his day and can plan out his other meals. Jack bought me an IPOD last year when I got out of the hospital the first time and I have tons and I mean tons of songs on it. I am an oldies girl but I have a variety. Everything from Tom Jones, Barry Manilow, Johnny Rivers, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, to Glen Miller. I went and made an "exercise" playlist yesterday putting in 2 warm up songs that are about a total of 5 minutes, 15 minutes of fast stuff, then 5 cool down minutes. I used Neil Diamond and Tom Jones for this week. It is sure easy to do and the I pod is so light to wear. I am going to stick to chair stuff for awhile, but I love music so much that I get a good workout sitting. I have great rhythm so I pretty much dance in the chair. I know I am getting a workout because I sweat and I can feel it in my muscles so for now that is good enough. As I loose I can do more difficult stuff to tighten everything up as much as it will tighten. I mean, having been obese for 30 years I am going to look like I have elephant skin, but I already know that and accept it.

Jean: It is true those bags are pretty heavy canvas and stiff, but Thomas it was just the ticket as he can't tear up his piano and violin music that way. I am usually not stubborn about stuff, but the car is going to wait until next summer, period. He is in agreement, but I do see the longing in his eyes! lol We are gaining on retirement, which means reduced income and we need to make sure we have as much of our debt paid off as possible. We should be right at the edge with the mortgage or even finished with it, though then we will have to take on a separate insurance for the inside and we will continue to pay the maintenance fee. I want the new car paid off, any credit cards paid off, etc so I am working to get all that done. A new car loan will be paid off, but before we go into the loan I want other things paid off so no car before then. It will tie up some of our loose capital we have now so I don't want to lose that until next summer.

Well gals, I want to get started on cleaning and such. I always exercise right after Jack leaves for work so I have about an hour.

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