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Good Afternoon, Flowers! It has been a nasty weather day outside for sure. It's -2 degrees right now, but with the wind I'm sure it "feels" much colder than that at -26! I always wonder where the stray cats settle in for the night to keep warm. We've had light snow from time to time; I wish it would either get serious and dump enough so we'd have "no" school tomorrow, or else cut it out. We were both very tired last night and decided to skip church this morning. After we'd had our morning coffee I suggested going to 2nd service which I've never ever done before. The bell choir was playing and I wanted to hear them before I start back Wed. night. They played 3 pieces throughout the service and played at both services plus at the Middle School last week. I'm sure it was a long morning for them. Several left after they played their final piece and before the sermon began so I imagine those that were left to put everything away weren't too pleased. I'm glad I wasn't playing this month!

"Gma" -- I will keep my fingers crossed that you get good neighbors this time. I'll bet Jack has you in a new vehicle before you know what happened. Bob has no desire for a blackberry and I think he could really use one for business and appointments since he is on a couple of different boards plus his clients plus his family obligations. He doesn't even carry his cell phone with him unless he is expecting someone to return a call to him and he's out of the office. Bob ordered one of those canvas bags from Lands End for me thinking I would carry my school stuff in it. It is too big for that and is very stiff as it can stand alone with nothing in it. I use it during the summer when we are packing stuff to go to the lake. I've always had good luck ordering from Lands End and I like that we can return the item to Sears if we don't like it.

Maggie -- I knew your get together would be great fun for all! I have a whole bunch of puzzles that belonged to my dad. I hate to part with them but am thinking about perhaps taking them to the nursing home or assisted living place where MIL lives.

Susan and Gloria -- "Hi!" I hope you are keeping warm and enjoying the day!

I need to change laundry loads and mix up some ham loaf meat that I bought on Friday. I have card club tomorrow night and it begins with supper at 6. Bob can have leftover ham loaf.

Have a nice evening and a marvelous Monday tomorrow. Only 4 days of classes left and we begin final exams on Friday!

Jean -- in Iowa!

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