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Good morning gals! I hope your Sunday is starting out just right. It doesn't seem to be as cold as it was though it was chilly yesterday with a lot of wind.

I downloaded a Neil Diamond album and a Tom Jones album to my Ipod and I was groovin' in my chair this morning getting a nice workout. Cherry Cherry gets me going and a couple others then I put in a couple slow ones to do more stretchy then go back to the fast stuff. It is actually fun and I get tired so I know I am moving those muscles so until I lose some weight this just might work!

Well, the neighbors on the right moved out. {{{SIGH}}} Now we wait and see what kind of crud we get for new ones. They did stuff that irritated us, but at least the woman living there (who was not on the lease btw) would apologize about blocking the garage and stuff. No more of her dd blocking the walkway. Oh, I didn't tell you what I did last Wednesday so all that garbage got picked up. You are supposed to sit it in the walkway between the garages, but I put is all right in the drive in front of the walkway so she couldn't park there. I never understood why she just didn't park in front of their own garage! Anyway, I dread to see what moves in.

Jack has been dying to see the new cars so yesterday he drove out to Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealership. He test drove a beautiful red Mercury Mariner and fell in love with it. He said when we are ready to buy we will be very happy with it as it is nice and roomy. It has this heat package where you get heated seats and it reminded me of a funny story. Don't know, since most of you work, if you have ever watched "How Clean is your House?" on BBCA. The disgusting homes they clean are outrageous, but the two women that are the show's stars are a hoot, especially this big buxom older blond woman named Kim Washburn. She has been a housekeeper for like 30 some years. Anyway, recently they did a stint on american homes and they were in Las Vegas. They had an SUV and Kim was complaining about how hot it was and her "bum" was burning up. She had the heated seat going and didn't know it. A similar thing happened to Jack with an SUV we rented that had them. It was in the summer and Jack said his behind was hot when we were on a trip somewhere. Come to find out this SUV had heated seats. I told him he would have to be careful with that feature or he would fry his tush and we would have ham for dinner!

Maggie: I used to love the white elephant Christmas parties our ss class would have when we lived in Indiana. I remember one year Jack got this ugly suede sports coat. That was the year someone brought a tricycle and someone went out and bought a talking beer stein. I think the preacher ended up with that. Actually, it was much sought after as the thing insulted you! lol Hope you had fun.

Susan: I really love my book club. I have been a member for several years now and I pay a lot less than I would buying the books at a store. I always pay half price. Now there are downfalls, such as you can't always get a book someone might suggest to you, though they usually keep up with the current ones and you have to be a big reader for it to pay for itself. I get a lot of free shipping, free books and such so it is well worth it to me. I have a cabinet full of books to read right now that I haven't been able to get to because of knitting. I am working my fingers off trying to get that newsboys bag done. I found an easy sock pattern using bigger needles and yarn so after everything is done, I am going to try it to get used to making socks. Don't know if I will ever be able to make fine gauge socks, but hopefully. I just bought two murder mysteries surrounding a knitting group.

Jean: Jack is mad for a blackberry. They are kind of an all in one phone with email and internet capabilities, calendar, address book etc. It is a big deal for people in the business world. Both my kids have them. I refuse to let Jack get one because he doesn't need it. I ended up buying a new phone last night. I have had a tracfone account for years because I don't use my cell phone that much being home all the time. I got irritated that it wouldn't take any of my credit cards or bank card to put more time on it. I have to call and when you do that, the operator tries to force you to buy more time and such so I always use the online thingy. Well, I decided to heck with it and bought a phone at att like I did for Jack. I have a different phone that he does, but it does the same things, camera and such. I could care less about that, but I got a great deal on it. I love Land's End because no matter how long you have something, if you don't like it or something happens to it like straps break or tears or something, you can send it back. I had a pair of sandals I had for about a year and the strap broke. I emailed them complaining and they sent me a shipping label and replaced them free of charge! The customer service person said it is their policy. Last year for Christmas I ordered Thomas one of their big canvas bags to carry his music in with this picture and musical poem I downloaded and had his name embroidered on it. I thought it would be a cheap canvas bag, though the price wasn't cheap, but it is high quality heavy duty and I saw it when we were there Thanksgiving sitting by the piano with his music inside a little dirty, but none worse for wear.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend. I am going to check my bank account then sit and keep knitting the bag.

PS: one more thing ladies. I know most of you have everything you need for points, but if you ever need to find out calories and such on just about anything and that includes restaurant and fast food items, go here it is wonderful. It is what I use. They also have lots of other things that you may find interesting.

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