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Good afternoon, ladies!

It sounds like we'll all have the same cookbook. Faye got the bargain, but I don't want to belong to a book club. I bought some bulgar and some quinoa today to give them a try - healthy grains!

Faye, I don't envy your commissary trip. I have to go during off hours to the grocery store. I hate it to be crowded.

Maggie, Chili - yum! We do gift exchanges like that too. It's fun!

Jean, I hope your day is going well.

Tonight I'm going with one of my friends to a Christmas musical program at a Church in Williamsburg.

I was watching Paula Dean on the Food Network and she made white hot chocolate - 2 quarts of heavy cream, 1 quart of half and half, 12 oz. of white chocolate chips, sugar, and peppermint extract. How many points do you think a cup of that would be? Faye, you and I would have to camp out in the bathroom for a week.

Have a good day, ladies!

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