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Hey ladies!!!

Really busy the past few days.

Yes, did tell me you were heading up funny is it that we both head up the food committee for our schools!!! LOL It did surprise me how time consuming it is. I'm hoping that if I get a job next year I can keep doing it. It's really rewarding cause everyone is so appreciative of being fed

Patricia, thanks for the compliment on the pic. yep, I was doing pretty well, then gained 5 lbs between Thanksgiving & my trip. I remember you gained when you went to Italy, and you know what? You have to eat &drink on that kind of vaca. Who knows when we will get the chance to go again, right??

Ranger, glad to see you have landed safely in FL. You're doing so great, hope to take some inspiration from you!!
Val, I was in BBB yesterday & theday before looking foy you..but Iw as there after 6pm last night...guess you were gone by then. If I ever get in there when you're there, I'll be sure to introduce myself. Are you usually on register?

Alicia, hey girl!!! Haven't seen you on MS...I've been on Facebook a lot lately. Found lots of OLD friends there. Sounds like you are enjoying being home...good for you.

Lauren, Karen, Pear ...hey girls!!! Missed you!!

All the ones I don't know..HI!! Welcome to a great group of people.

So the Seret Shop is over now, (whew) tomorrow I have to decorat 12 dozen cookies. haveing my annual cookie exchange on Fri. and have an order for 3 dozen snowflakes (cha-ching...there's money for DH's new running shoes he wants!!), so I'll be busy again tromorrow. I am going to endeavour to get on here at least every other day. I've really been missing you girls.
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